Kesuke Miyagi

Pat Morita muere a los 73 años. Quien no recuerda a Mr. Miyagi y sus famoso consejo de “wax in, waz out” y verlo atrapar moscas con chop sticks. Morita muere por causas naturales.

This article was written by Canibal

One thought on “Kesuke Miyagi”

  1. Dear mister Miyagi.I am 100 % sure i saw you today the 30.03.2006 in ALICANTE
    at the beach, possibly with your wife?
    Well,i unlocked my bycicle and didnt kno if i would disturb to talk to you.Anyway,i would like to work with you and realize some projects?
    Maybe you remember,and have a chance to answer me?
    Thank you
    My Date is 15.02.1976 , Sign of the Dragon!

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